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Learn Italian in Italy

You can combine your love of the Italian language with an unforgettable experience in the country where the language is spoken by studying Italian in Italy! Hands-down, the best way to learn a foreign language is to live, work, or study in a native speaking environment. Studying Italian in Italy is the best possible experience you can have to learn the language.

Would you like to study and live in Florence, Rome or Venice? Or how about in a smaller, quaint town such as Pisa, Siena or Otranto? You will find a comprehensive guide to top rate Italian language schools in Italy at Wherever you decide to study and live, the experience is incomparable to learning Italian in any other way.

When living in a foreign country you have the wonderful opportunity to both learn the local language and also use it every day, all day long. Living in Italy is much different than visiting as a tourist. Tourists can easily manage getting around by knowing a few Italian phrases and by using English. In fact, tourists frequently will have trouble trying to use or improve their Italian language skills because Italians in most tourist locations can speak English very well and are eager to do so. On the other hand, as a resident of Italy, you would have NO trouble trying to use or improve your Italian language skills because you would be continuously interacting with the native population at the supermarket, the post office, the bus stop, the small "bar" where you get your morning cappuccino, and other places that tourists don't usually visit.

If you open yourself to learning the language as well as experiencing the culture, you will be amazed with the progress you make from day to day. There is a big difference between learning Italian in Italy and learning it in your home country. While in Italy, you will only hear the Italian language spoken around you. This will encourage you to master the language quickly, because instinctively you will not want to miss out on the conversations taking place around you. You may also want to consider the fact that even though most Italians will manage to make themselves understood in English, they will have a hard time sharing deeper thoughts and feelings in any other language than Italian. Other positive aspects of learning Italian in Italy include developing a good Italian accent (eliminating the somtimes artificial sound of Italian learned in your home country), and getting faster access to regional slang and humor. The latter is particularly important when you become friends with Italian locals, as you will have a better chance of integrating in a group if you understand the subtle nuances of the language.

Finally, the greatest advantage to learning Italian in Italy is the opportunity you will have to make new friends that will certainly last you a lifetime. By learning Italian in Italy you will enjoy a unique life experiene in a place that is much different than anywhere else, and is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. Buon divertimento!

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